Custom 3D Modeling/Animation

Need a 3D Model not listed?   Making a 3D Screensaver?  A 3D game?
A Corporate 3D Logo? A 3D Model of your product or product line?  

Call on Replica Technology!

Try our Custom 3D Modeling Services for your CGI needs!

We can help you get your project done by offering custom 3D modeling services for those models that you can't find.
We can also help you create 3D Graphics for your print ads or other 2D needs. 

You can also easily and inexpensively license Replica Technology 3D Models for your own Commercial Projects
Commercial Licenses not required except for Commercial Projects that re-distribute the models' geometry within the application.  

If you need a 3D model, then contact us today!

We can custom design high quality 3D models for you, at an affordable rate.
For more information about the 3D modeling/texturing/animation process, please contact us to discuss your project..

Replica Technology provides a full suite of 3D, CGI and Graphic Design-based services.

Call us today and see how cool your Product or Logo will look in 3D!!!

Replica Graphic Design Services

3D Modeling
3D Animation
3D Logo Design
3D Product Visualization

Packaging Design
Datasheets and Brochures
Print Advertisements
Special Effects
Website Graphics

Use Replica 3D Models for:

corporate videos, multimedia, website graphics and animations, 3D websites, print ads, sales brochures, logos, film/tv animation, digital photography, 3D applications, 3D landscape generators, computer games, architectural visualization, product visualization, and much more.

Sample Custom 3D Models

Click on smaller images for larger versions!





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