Interior Construction

3D Models and Scenes for LightWave 3D

This collection features over 150 high quality 3D models for creating interior environments!

These models are all textured, real-world scaled and animated where possible. All doors can be animated to open and close!

Great for use with Replica furniture collections!

Design numerous custom interior environments quickly and easily with Replica's Interior Construction.

"A real timesaver when putting together 3D interior environments!"


Ceiling Models

Sample Ceilings Include:

Beamed Ceiling
Coved Ceiling
Domed Ceiling
Gabled Ceiling
Gabled with Windows
Wood Grid Ceiling
Lowered Ceiling
Painted Ceiling
Pyramid Ceiling
Ceiling with Window

Door Models

 Bifold Panel Door

 Bifold Panel Door - open

 Flush Door

 Flush Door - open

 French Glass Door

 French Glass Door - open

 Louvered Door

 Louvered Door - open

 Paneled Door

 Paneled Door - open

 Patio Sliding Door

 Sash Door

 Sash Door - open

 Storm Door

 Storm Door - open

 Sliding Mirror Door


Floor Models

Carpet Blue
Carpet Red
Dotted 1
Dotted 2
Fuzzy Black&White
Fuzzy Red&Green
Hard Wood - Cypress
Hard Wood - Japanese Oak
Hard Wood - Sen
Marble - Blue
Marble - Red
Tile - Purple
Tile - Red
Tile - Blue
Tile - Green


Lumber Models

 Decking Lumber

 Framing Lumber

 Drywall & Paneling


Molding Models


Room Models


 Room - Bath

 Room - Big

 Room - Kitchen

 Room - LShaped Stairs

 Room - UShaped Stairs

Stair Models

 Basic Stairs

 Deck Stairs


 L-Shaped Stairs

 Platform Stairs

 Ramp Stairs

 Spiral Stairs


 Straight Run Stairs

 U-Shaped Stairs

Wall Models

 DoorWay - Arch

 DoorWay - Dual Arch

 DoorWay - Trimmed

 DoorWay - Round Trim

 FirePlace 1

 FirePlace 2

 Half Wall

 Half Wall - open

 Partition Wall


 Walls (1,2,3 and 4 at right angles)

 Wall with Columns

 Wall - Panelling

 Wall Combo 1

 Wall Combo 2

 Wall Combo 3

Window Models

 Bow & Bay Window

 Clerestory Window

 Double Window - animated

 Fixed Window A

 Fixed Window B

 Half Circle Window

 Octogon Dual Window

 Octogon Window

 Picture Window 1

 Picture Window 2

Plain Window

Replacement Dual Window

 Replacement Window 1

 Replacement Window 2

 Slider Dual Window

 Slider Window

 Square Window 1

 Square Window 2 Banner

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