3D Valentine Models

for LightWave 3D

This ModelPack contains 30 Valentine Models for LightWave 3D.

Many of these models are Replica Picture Models,
 i.e. you can map any of your own photographs on the Picture Area of the 3D model.

Valentine Models


 Diamond A

Diamond B

 Diamond IR



 Heart1 IR1

 Heart1 IR2

 Heart1 IR3

 Heart1 Arrow





 Heart3 IR1

 Heart3 IR2

 Heart3 IR3


 Heart4 IR1

 Heart4 IR2

 Heart4 IR3


 Heart5 IR1

 Heart5 IR2

 Heart5 IR3

 Extruded Roses


 Valentine Card 1

 Valentine Card 1

 Valentine Card 2

 Valentine Card 2

 Diamond Ring 1

 Diamond Ring 2


 Teddy Bear - LightWave 3D V5

 Teddy Bear - LightWave 3D V7+ Banner

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