The Ichthyosaurus

for LightWave 3D

Product Features

This ModelPack contains a working LightWave 3D model of an prehistoric marine mammal called an Ichthyosaurus.
The Ichthyosaurus is an ancient marine reptile that lived from 210 million years ago to 65 million years ago.
* Includes 6 LightWave models and 8 Scene files
* All models are real-world scaled and have basic textures

* Includes Morph Targets (for both the hi-res and the lo-res models) for plug-and-play Facial Animation
* Includes Bones for easy Body Animation and for Posing of the animal
* Includes sample scenes for swimming, opening the mouth and moving the pupils


Ichthyosaurus Model - High Resolution Ichthyosaurus Model - Low Resolution

Product Images



With Replica 3D Models and your imagination, there is no end to what you can do!

You can be posing, rendering and animating these Ichthyosaurs for your own projects!