Orca: Killer Whale

for LightWave 3D

This ModelPack includes:

* 16 LightWave V5.6 models and 4 LightWave V7+ models
* 20 LightWave V5.6 scenes and 8 LightWave V7+ scenes

Orca: Killer Whale

Price: $29.95  Now only $19.95!

Product Features

* These models are real-world scaled and textured.
* Includes lo-res and hi-res models
* Includes both Male and Female models

 High Resolution model - Female

 Low Resolution model -Female


 High Resolution model - Male

 Low Resolution model - Male

* Includes Morph Targets for plug-and-play Facial Animation (for both the hi-res and the lo-res models).
* The V7+ models are Endomorphs.
* Includes Bones for easy Body Animation and for Posing of the animal.

* Includes sample scenes for swimming, opening the mouth, closing the eyes and moving the pupils.

Product Images


Killer Whale - Bottom View Female

Killer Whale - Top View Female


Killer Whale - Bottom View Male

Killer Whale - Top View Male




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