The Snaggle Tooth Shark

for LightWave 3D

This ModelPack includes 4 LightWave V5.6 models and 2 LightWave V7+ models.

Snaggle Tooth Shark

Price: $14.95 Now only $9.95!

Product Features

* All models are real-world scaled and textured
* Includes lo-res and hi-res models

 High Resolution model

 Low Resolution model

* Includes Morph Targets for plug-and-play Facial Animation (for both the hi-res and the lo-res models)
* The LW V7+ models are Endomorphs
* Includes Bones for easy Body Animation and for Posing of the animal

* Includes sample scenes for swimming and opening the mouth.

Product Images


The Snaggle Tooth Shark - Bottom View

The Snaggle Tooth Shark - Top View


And you can be posing, rendering and animating these terrifying Sharks in your own scenes!!!