3D Models and Scenes for LightWave 3D

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Camelot brings the mystery and chivalry of the Middle Ages to LightWave 3D!

Features a complete Medieval English Castle circa 1200 AD!

 Create animations and render beautiful images with the press of a button!!!

Includes Royal Apartments, Gatehouses, functional Drawbridge with Portcullis, Kitchen,
Great Hall, Blacksmith Shop, Stables, elaborate Chapel, five 5-story Towers, etc!!!

All of these buildings have been modeled with animateable parts!   

doors can be opened/closed, drawbridge can be raised/lowered, etc....

Bring the middle ages to life today!!!

V3.0 Upgrade info:

All models and scenes set up in LW V8.5.
* Now requires LightWave V6 and up.
* Models are now Multi-Meshes for easier use.
Castle is now 80' longer and 40' wider.
Expanded Great Hall, Kitchen and BlackSmith Shop.
General miscellaneous geometry enhancements
Main scene files include SkyTracer2 and SasLite Grass.

Camelot Images

Camelot A Main View Camelot Entrance


Camelot B Main View Chapel Tower


The Blacksmith Shop The Blacksmith Shop - with items from our other Medieval Collections


The Great Hall The Great Hall - with items from our other Medieval Collections


The Kitchen The Kitchen


Prison Tower Prison Tower Interior


Camelot Entrance A Camelot Entrance B


Sample Camelot and medieval Model Pack Renders

Apartment HallWay WestGate Entrance BlackSmith Shop Camelot Front View Camelot Front View
The Great Hall CourtYard View FireWood EastGate House Coach
North Tower Camelot 2 Entrance Camelot Exterior Camelot Entrance The Great Hall
CourtYard View Camelot Front View CrossWalk Kitchen Chapel Sides
Courtyard View Chapel Entrance BlackSmith Door BlackSmith Shop Dungeon
Apartment 03 Apartment 04 Apartment 08 Apartment 09 Apartment 10
Chapel Entrance Commoner's Cot Great Hall 02 Great Hall 03 Great Hall 06
Kitchen01 Kitchen02 South Tower 01 South Tower 02 PrisonTower06
Stable 01 Stable 02 Stables 03 Stables 04 Storage Room 01
Storage Room 02 Storage Room 03 Prison Tower 12 Westgate Entrance West Wall 2


Dining Room

Courtyard By Night

Westgate - Main Entrance

Chapel and Hall Of Armour Banner

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