Medieval Furniture and Decor

3D Models and Scenes for LightWave 3D

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This collection contains over 40 models of medieval furniture and decor for LightWave 3D.
All models are textured, real-world scaled for easy scene integration, and animated where possible.


Medieval Furniture

 Bedside Table

  Bedside Table - Open


 Canopy Bed


 Dining Chair

 Long Table

 Ornate Chair


 Podium - reverse side

 Rough Chair

 Round Table

 Rough Table

 Scribe Desk

 Short Table


 Simple Table


 Storage Shelf


 Wall Shelves



 Wardrobe - Open

 Weapons Rack


Medieval Decor

 Battle Banner

  Battle Banner - Worn

 Medieval Man


 Wall Banner A

  Wall Banner B

 Wall Banner C

  Crossed Axes

 Crossed Swords


Note: The WallBanner objects and the Battle Banner objects include Displacement Maps to
simulate the wind blowing through the fabric.


Medieval Tapestries

  Tapestry 01

  Tapestry 02

  Tapestry 03

  Tapestry 04

  Tapestry 05

  Tapestry 06

  Tapestry 07

  Tapestry 08

  Tapestry 09

  Tapestry 10

  Tapestry 11

  Tapestry 12

  Tapestry 13

  Tapestry 14

 Tapestry 15


Note: The Tapestry objects also include sample Displacement Maps to simulate wind blowing through the fabric. Banner

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