The Medieval Inn

3D Models and Scenes for LightWave 3D

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This collection contains a complete working LightWave 3D model of a Medieval Inn. 

Includes both interior and exterior geometry, textures and scene files.

There are 2 scenes included, one for newer LightWave users, and one for users of earlier versions of LightWave.

Product Features

* Interior and exterior geometry
* Small surrounding landscape
* 5 Hinged doors for animation
* 22 Hinged window shutters for animation
* Choice of window bars or window panes
* Choice of double or single fireplace
* 2 Floors connected by stairs
* Modular design for easy use
* All sub-objects parented to the main "Wall1" object
* Pre-set lighting for instant use
* Real-world Sky
* Animated Chimney Smoke
* Real Grass
* All your basic Replica features!

Medieval Inn Images


Medieval Inn- LightWave V5 format

Medieval Inn - LightWave V8 format


 Inside View

 Inside View

Medieval Inn Floor Plan

 Roof is removed to view the top floor

 Top floor is removed to view the bottom floor


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