Medieval Items II

3D Models and Scenes for LightWave 3D

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This collection features over 50 high quality 3D medieval-type models.

These models are all textured, real-world scaled and animated where possible.


Medieval Items

 FireWood Shelter

 Horse Armour

 Horse Blanket

 Horse Collar

 Horse Shoe

 Horse Shoe Stack

 OutBuilding A1

 OutBuilding A2

 OutBuilding B1

 OutBuilding B2

 OutBuilding C

 OutBuilding D

 OutBuilding E

 Squire Tent

 Wagon 1

 Wagon 2



 Coach A

 Coach B


Medieval Lighting

 Candelier Off

 Candelier On

 Candelabra Off

 Candelabra On

 Candle1 Off

 Candle1 On

 Candle2 Off

 Candle2 On


 FirePit Lit


 FirePlaceA Off

 FirePlaceA On


 FirePlaceB Off

 FirePlaceB On

 Torches A-D

These Light Objects are pre-set with 300 frames of animation for:


* Morphing Flame Geometry
* Flickering Light Intensity
* Flickering Flare Intensity
* Animated Rotation Angle
* Animated Flare Ring Size

Medieval Weapons








 Oil Dumper



 Spear 1

 Spear 2

 Sword 1

 Sword 2 Banner

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