Ancient 3D Marine Mammals

3D Models and Scenes for LightWave 3D

The Elasmosaurus The Ichthyosaurus
Elasmosaurus 3D Model Ichthyosaurus 3D Model
Price: $14.95 Buy this product now! Now only $9.95! Price: $14.95 Buy this product now! Now only $9.95!
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Product Features

Ancient Marine Mammal models

1. These models are all real-world scaled and textured.

2. Each model has an associated scene file with basic lighting and camera for immediate rendering.

3. Includes BOTH Lo-Res and Hi-Res geometry models
(see Sample images on the Dolphin Page)

4. Includes Morph Targets for plug-and-play Facial Animation
for BOTH the Lo-Res and Hi-Res models
(see Sample images on the Dolphin Page)

5. Includes Bones for easy Body Animation and for Posing of the animal

6. Includes sample scenes for swimming, opening the mouth, and moving the pupils !!!
The Elasmosaurus model also includes a Morph Target for Blinking the Eyes.

7. Use the "Load Objects from Scene" feature to bring in and retain all model settings in your scene.
8. All Marine Models are downloadable for your immediate enjoyment. Banner

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