The Home Fitness Collection

3D Models and Scenes for LightWave 3D

Product Information

* An assortment of over 20 Exercise Models that one might find in a typical home environment.
* Each of these models are hand-made, real-world scaled and completely textured.
* Textures and logos can be easily modified or replaced.
* Models with moveable parts are already set up for animation.

Image Gallery

Exercise Bike 01 Exercise Bike 02 Exercise Bike 03


Exercise Bike 04

Home Gym 01 Home Weights 01


Home Weights 02 Rowing Machine 01 Stair Stepper 01


Stair Stepper 02 Treadmill 01 Treadmill 02


Treadmill 03 Treadmill 04 Treadmill 05


Plate A - 5 Pound Weight Plate A - 10 Pound Weight Plate A - 25 Pound Weight


Plate A - 45 Pound Weight Plate A - 100 Pound Weight


Weight Bar A Weight Bar B Weight Bar C

Custom Weight Lifting Bar Tutorial:

The Weight Bar A-C scenes and the Plate A scenes (5 Lbs to 100 Lbs) can be easily combines to make a set of barbells with any combination of weights.

This can be done directly from within LightWave's Layout:

1. Load the Weight Bar Scene that you would like to start with: A, B or C
2. Load in the Plates that you want to attach.   Load the Plates from their Scene Files using the "Load Objects from Scene" feature.
This will remember all rotation and movement restrictions for the different parts.     Remember to load 2 of each, 1 for each side.
3. Select the "Top" view for working in, it is easiest to line the plates up here.
4. As you move each Plate into the desired position,  remember to adjust its rotation around the bar and to Key Frame it in place.
5.  Parent each of the Plates to the Weight Bar.
6. Finally, move the 2 end pieces of the Weight Bar model into place so that they rest up against the Plates and Key Frame them into place.

Now when you move or rotate your Weight Bar around your scene, the Plates will all move with it as if it were a single object.  
You also now have the option to slide the plates on the bar and to rotate the plates around the Bar.  
But mainly the scenes are set up this way to easily put together any combination of Plates that you need.


The following 9 Scene Files are included with this collection:

Weights A01 Weights A02 Weights A03


Weights B01 Weights B02 Weights B03


Weights C01 Weights C02 Weights C03 Banner

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